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Education is an important sector required in every nation for economic, political and socio-cultural development. It is an instrument for societal advancement and if properly managed, a tool that provides comparative advantage to a nation.Read More


The Ministry aspires to create a literate and skilled society where education is accessible, qualitative and affordable through effective and efficient coordination.


The Ministry executes government policies on education using Quality Assurance standards as benchmark, ensuring an all inclusive and knowledge based society through efficient planning and sound financial management.


Establishment and administration of State Education. Management Information System. Review of national policies on education and formulation of state education policies. Quality assurance and enforcement of compliance to policies and standards. Supervisory functions over educational institutions, parastatals and agencies.

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Students can sometime have problem with a topic especially in subject like Mathematics. We are out to help a student in the situation we explained initially.

Teachers Helper

Teachers can sometime have problem with a topic. We are out to help a teachers in this situation.

Schools Management System

We have a Management system that brings the whole schools in Enugu State Under Control.

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We can also send you latest update about education within the Enugu State


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